In talks with Manali Sutaria, Freelance Architect, IN5 Design

Middle East Stone hosts Manali Sutaria, Freelance Architect at IN5 Design, as a key speaker at the event's Stone Design Seminars. Part of a broad complimentary and CPD certified education agenda, Manali Sutaria's session is titled "Building smart and sustainable outdoor area - blending green elements with natural stone" and takes place on November 27 at 17:00 - 17:45 hrs.

Manali Sutaria
Manali Sutaria

Here's what Manali Sutaria, Freelance Architect at IN5 Design, revealed ahead of the event:

How environmental friendly is stone as a construction material?

Stone, being a natural resource, is one of the best green building materials, which reduces the building’s impact on human health as there are no chemicals or harmful toxins in it. Since it is available regionally, it helps in reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses occurring due to transportation of materials. Considering two, out of the many factors, stone is definitely good for the environment.

Which stone would you pick as the sustainable choice for outdoor planning?

I would pick Travertine and the best example would be the St. Peters Basilica.

What steps are being taken at the designing stage to make outdoor areas smart and sustainable?

1. Use of low maintenance options like concrete or bark walkways, xeriscapes, can help save water.
2. Look for products and furniture which are made from recycled materials.
3. Select natural elements like wood and stone of reduce emission of chemicals and greenhouse gases.
4. Use of solar lighting is an added advantage.

What are the top 5 reasons making natural stone a sustainable choice for outdoor planning?

1. Stone is recyclable. It can be renewed and refinished into many designs.
2. It is easy to maintain and requires least care.
3. Considering life style of natural stone, it is extremely durable.
4. It can be quarried with so many low cost methods and since it is available regionally, it saves a lot of cost on transportation.
5. It is a natural material, hence in the name, it is one of the best green building materials.

What can industry professionals expect to learn at your presentation?

The presentation covers various uses of natural stone in outdoor planning and how blending greens and natural light with natural stone can be one of the most smart and sustainable choices of outdoor planning and areas. It also explains the current trends of outdoor design with natural stone.

Why is it important for an event like Middle East Stone to offer free education to construction professionals?

It is a global network. It is amazing to see as to how it can reach up to so many construction professionals and educate them to help keep updated with the latest trends and industry guidelines.

About Manali Sutaria -

Being an Architect and an Environmental Design Strategist, Manali encourages individuals to look at the full impact that built spaces create on people. After finishing her post graduate studies from the Glasgow School of Art, she is currently working on residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Her end goal is not only to create new creative projects that hope to readdress the effect on environment but also to engage and inspire the community.

You can hear more from Manali Sutaria at the Stone Design Seminars on 27th November, 17:00 - 17:45.

Register online to attend the event for free at THIS LINK.

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